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Feel your anxiety levels rise as you realize the only thing standing between you and the zombies chasing you are the lifelines you protect. Your worst nightmare will seem like a fairytale as you drag yourself in and out of mud pits, and hurl your shaking body over obstacles while gathering lifelines. You will face everything from mindless, lumbering, zombies to lightning fast, cunning predators driven forth with an insatiable hunger for your life! The real question is will you escape the chase or run to death?

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Zombie Registration

We are so happy to have ZOMBIES on our side! If you have the desire to follow in the footsteps of the Grim Reaper and to steal the lifelines of our participants than you have found your calling. You will run, chase, scare, and steal the lives away from our participants. You are not able to push, shove, trip or harm our participants! You will receive a free t-shirt, help in your demon transformation, and food and drink. Wear a frightening costume and we will have some fake blood and a few make-up artists on hand!

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Volunteer Registration

Why would you be a volunteer you ask? Well because you get the pure joy of seeing the participants wallow in the mud and try escaping the monsters and demons chasing them throughout the course. A run to death T-shirt, food and drink, and the chance to laugh at others. Entry into the current weekends race or a future race of your choice! You have to be at least 16 years old to register as a volunteer. REMEMBER: Volunteers play a vital role in helping the race run smoothly. Please don’t sign up to volunteer unless you are certain you can make it to the race! Afternoon volunteers can run in a morning wave (9am – 10:30am)show up an hour before one of the four waves and pay a cash deposit of $100. When you finish your volunteer shift visit the registration table and we will give you your full deposit back.

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